Washington Monument & Mount Vernon Place History

The Washington Monument and Mount Vernon Place with Their Rich History Have an Important Place in the Cultural Development of Baltimore and the Nation.

For over two-hundred years, Mount Vernon Place has contributed to life in the city of Baltimore. When a group of private Baltimore citizens came together in 1809 to erect the first monument to George Washington in the country, they likely did not know that its construction in the woods of Revolutionary War hero John Eager Howard’s Belvidere estate, would reorient the development of their city, and create a place as unique as Mount Vernon Place. For two centuries residents and visitors have toured the Monument and climbed to its top, and the surrounding squares of Mount Vernon Place have hosted important civic events. Explore its history through the following resources.

The Monument is meant to be experienced not only from the outside, but from the inside. Architect Robert Mills designed the structure

When America’s first President George Washington died in 1799, the new United States of America went into mourning. His generation had accomplished

While the Monument was being built, notices of its construction and completion were often placed in the newspaper to inform the public

Baltimore and the City Beautiful: Carrère & Hastings Reshapes an American City. Mount Vernon Place has a long and distinguished landscape design

What’s in a Name? Baltimore—”The Monumental City.” For over two hundred years Baltimore has been called “The Monumental City.” Since the 1970s

An Authentic Account of All the Proceedings on the Fourth of July, 1815, With Regard to Laying the Corner Stone of the

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